The long and short of it

The Short:

The Captains log is both a physical journal and also a place to share thoughts and ideas on living a meanignful life.

The Long - how it started:

The light-bulb moment came after a morning swim, in a sauna of all places. The idea: a custom self-reflection journal that I could create from a basic template I had already been using for some time. 

The real story started much further back….

After one poor career choice I was catapulted into a work-life I couldn’t of cared less about. For years I accepted it as final, as fate or whatever. But I was living a meaningless life, at least thats’s the way I saw it. I couldn’t accept that this is what life was all about. I started to read… a lot. 

From the autobiographies of top entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Dragons Den business-men to self-help classics like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I was all “7 habits this, goal-setting that”. I couldn’t get enough. 

Success was on the brain and gradually my mind started to open. Old thought patterns began to disintegrate and new possibilities and opportunities started to unfold.

This is when I began setting goals and started to keep a journal. You know the drill, a few lines of reflection at the end of each day asking where was I going in life, what were my goals, you know the drill. 

It worked… in a way. Within a few months I thought myself programming, changed careers and became a web developer; things were certainly looking up.

The problem, it seems to me was that the feeling of hitting a goal was almost always short lived. There was always another goal to take it’s place and this thing called ‘success’ was still no where to be found; just like Bono - I still hadn’t found what I was looking for.

The search continued or should I say deepened. Now my reading had moved from business to philosophy, spirituality and yoga. I was no longer satisfied that material accomplishments alone were the answer, I had deeper questions (and still do!)  

It was a little strange though, that I had ended up having everything I had wanted just a few years ago and yet somehow I didn’t feel fulfilled or ‘successful’. Instead I felt inadequate and in-complete, something was missing.

Then one day something clicked. I began to realise just how conditioned my idea of success actually was. It wasn’t really even mine, it was societies. I was misguided. 

It was clear: outward ‘success’ does not always result in fulfilment or happiness, true ‘success’ does and must. Therefore true success must be largely internal, something to be cultivated or discovered within.

The problem was, I was too wrapped up in achieving goals; getting busy being busy with out ever really asking WHY? There was little depth or meaning behind what I was doing and the answer was not to be found in travelling the world or in a better profession with more money. Believe me I tried.

What was missing was a balance between being productive and just being. Between hitting goals and progressing in life to just being happy with here and now.

I created the Captains log as a tool to help strike this balance. It’s no magic pill, just a tool to help live a more balanced and happy life.

It’s also the first step of my newly discovered purpose: to create things that inspire people to find purpose and break through their self-created limitations.

So many of us build walls around our capabilities that we seriously handicap ourselves before we even get started. Surely a common goal in life must be to be to live up to our potential. If it is then breaking down these walls must be the first step.

I also strongly believe there needs to be a greater focus on knowing the ‘WHY’ behind our actions and goals. Knowing it so well that it will lead great achievements while avoiding whats not worth our time. It’s easy to ‘get busy’ but if the foundation of purpose is missing from all of this activity, what’s the point?

Success to me no longer means fame or money, it means living a life of purpose and aspiring for self-mastery. Breaking all self-created limitations while also being happy with who I am right now. This is my personal mission in life and what I’d like for everyone else too.