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The Mission

The Captains Log is about a journey toward Being The Captain of your story. Being the captain is about knowing who you are, the path that you’re on and your strategy for getting there. It’s about striking a balance between being productive and just being.

The Journal

The Captains Log is premium quality journal built with care for personal growth, success and happiness.

We're all on a journey in life and The Captains Log is a journal for that journey. It's about knowing who you are, the path that your on and your strategy for getting there. What are you waiting for? Don't be a passenger, It's time to take the wheel and BE THE CAPTAIN  of your own story.

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The Journey

The Compass

An Essential tool for any journey your compass is what drives and inspires you to live with purpose. Call it your Purpose, Calling or whatever. It’s what matter most to you and it exists to give you direction in life.

The Map

Now that you have direction you need a map. Your map is your strategy for achieving what you want in life. A key aspect of the map is effective goal setting – measurable milestones which form the blueprint for creating yourself and your life the way you want them.

The Log

The log is where the action happens – daily, monthly and weekly. It ensures you stay motivated and productive while also not forgetting to look after yourself and be grateful for all that you already have.

What’s Inside

The Log

  • Inspiring and motivational quotes, all carefully curated.
  • Gratitude – The quickest way to change your life is to change your perspective and a perspective of gratitude is the key to increase your happiness almost instantly.
  • Staying productive – By prioritising your 3 most important tasks daily, it couldn’t be simpler to stay productive. No need to over complicate things, the key is to put the effort into deciding on the most effective course of action for each day – THE NIGHT BEFORE.
  • Meditation – Not just for monks, many of the worlds top achievers and performers have this one thing in common. Some form of a meditative practice can be an invaluable tool for keeping your mental health in check and also keep you at the top of your game in all aspects of life.
  • Reflection – You are free to do as you wish with this space but to take stock of where you are at in all aspects of life is essential ingredient for progress. There are useful questions provided to help with this if you feel stuck and there’s also space to write your own.

Monthly & weekly pages

Plan your month and week ahead of time, then reflect and review your progress at the end.

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