[Welcome, I’m Kieran.]

A yogi (in the making), writer, coder, and creator of things.

I’ve travelled the world but the journey didn’t really begin until I returned. That’s when it dawned that the real journey I was on, was the journey within.
That’s when I (really) found yoga, meditation, and even a guru.

It all started when I read about this thing called enlightenment. Was it really possible to be the master of your mind? transcend time and space and experience the rest of existence as part of yourself? I seemed to think it was. I still do.

Needless to say, the journey continues. I’ve made some progress and many mistakes but the goal of inner and outer freedom has remained the same. For me, freedom is to know and be who you are, at the deepest level. To be the master of your fate and the Captain of your soul.

This is the place I share what I learn, unlearn and continue to learn… on this journey; through the beautiful shit storm, we call life.

I truly hope you find something of benefit here.

Looking for somewhere to start your journey?

Check out this journal I created.

It’s the result of many years of keeping a journal and it’s full of the best tools and tips I’ve learned over the years. It can help you to find your way in life, build positive habits that make your life better and be grateful for what you already have.

Its core aim is to help you strike a balance between being productive and just being, between hitting goals and being happy with what is here and now.

It’s also a beautiful piece of stationery, if I may say so myself.

Free your mind.

Feed your soul.

Be your Self.


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